Resetting password mac os x 10.6

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On OS X This boot option displays two different options to start up from.

Next, you will see a language selection screen. In the menu bar, click utilities and open up the program called Terminal.

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This will open up a hidden application where you can change your admin password. Select your hard drive in the password reset window usually titled " Macintosh HD " and then select the drop down menu of the user account that you want to reset the password of. Type in a new password in the Enter a new password for this user field and then retype it in the field below.

Input a hint into the password hint field if it would help you remember what the password is in the future. Warning : Do not use the instructions in this document to reset the password for a FileVault protected account. Doing so may render the contents of the account inaccessible.

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Instead, follow these instructions provided by Apple. It is best to use the same disc from which OS X was installed. Do not use a disc with a version of OS X other than the one installed on the computer or it may not work. For example, if you reset a password on a computer running Mac OS X Insert the disc, restart the computer, and hold the C key when you hear the startup sound.

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By that I mean that browser history and passwords would not be accessed? If I release it I get the spinning wheel. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Utku says:. Saiya says:. Ahmed November 28, , pm.

If you dont' have the You will to enter the password or need the OS X install disk compatible with that machine and hold the option key while booting to select it, then reset the firmware password. You will need to know the password, that's the purpose of the firmware password to totally lock the machine down.

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Reset the password for Snow Leopard This is how you go about resetting your password in case you or another has forgotten it. You can buy a install Disc from Apple, or if NOT OSX Server OR using Filevault Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD.

If you have such machine and it's not yours or was purchased used, you need to contact the owner or Apple to unlock it for you. Firmware passwords lock the machine so it can't be easily repaired using techniques available to you and others.

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