List of powerpc mac games

List of Macintosh games

Lots of fun.

Best -OSX- powerpc games?

OotP Baseball is a free older version of the simulation heavy baseball management game. This thing is thickly detailed and can rob days of your life as you search for the best trades, fine tune your team, draft players, and manage a full professional baseball team. Heck of a lot of fun. The graphics are modest, so it should work on a variety of older Macs. The community also appears to be small and tight knit.

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Best of all, it's free to play. I remember playing this thing on my Performa in college. Awesome stuff.

It has a very strange kind of control system and very quirky world to explore. However, I was unable to get this to run on my G5, but others have had success. There is a fee to buy the full client to play. Talk about a blast from the past.

While you still need the commercial WADS to play the classic game, you can either download the old shareware files or grab new levels that take advantage of optimization and new features in the classic engine. Just a lot of fun. Starcraft is such a blast of a game, one of the great classic strategy science fiction games that holds up after all these years. Wudbaer's story of his workplace's dedication to an even older Mac OS version suggests there could be more classic Mac holdouts around the world than even the OS 9ers.

They ran System 7.

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This DNA synthesis lab has two LC III Macs and one Quadra running continuously—24 hours a day, seven days a week—plus lots of spare parts and a few standby machines that are ready to go as and when needed. The lab also has newer DNA synthesizers that interface with newer computers and can chemically generate many more oligonucleotides short synthetic DNA molecules at once.

Why? Whhhhyyyyyy???

This higher throughput comes with a tradeoff, however. More work means more time, and as Wudbaer says, "time is money. On the Facebook group Mac OS 9 - it's still alive!

Some prefer it for writing environment. Others keep it around for bits and pieces of work that require expensive software such as Adobe's creative suite or a CAD package or Pro Tools or specifically to open old files created with this software. Most use it for old Mac games, of which there are far more than the Mac's game-shy reputation would suggest—but that's a story for another day. A scant, brave few not only struggle through OS 9 for these sorts of offline tasks, but they also rely on it as a Web browsing platform. Also working with a driverless on Notes: Playable, as long as the quality is cranked down.

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No graphics glitches. Game Name: Oni Working: Yes not on Also, only x and x resolutions are available. Even the cursor remains intact when you quit the game! Game crashes to desktop and no obvious error is present in the games logfiles. No playing difference with my PowerBook G4 1. Gold 1. Game Name: Spaceward Ho! The splash screen does not appear. By the way, Blizzard would most likely not port a game as old as Starcraft. I have starcraft and brood wars the install discs came with mac installs, and it works fine on osx.

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I kill some Siths! Tested with low settings and medium settings. High settings seems to work fine but the performance isnt impressive on High. I suggest you to try it on Medium!