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Four cloning solutions for OS X

It is now based on the FreeBSD The UEFI boot support has been greatly improved. Fresh Reviews. A game of many fine ideas badly implemented. Latest News.

The driver fixes Wi-Fi problems after resuming from sleep. The new driver adds stability improvements and optimizations.

The current update resolves 10bit enabled displays problems. It's a wide spread practice used to teach AI. The affected laptops were sold between and The new service might be expanded in the future. We take a closer look at Google Photos and its issues.


All rights reserved. Even if you needed to do technical work, you could at least expect a terminal and reliable hardware. As of late, Apple seems not really care what its hardcore, advanced users have to say. Instead, they seem to be more focused on perfecting dongles and selling thunderbolt headphones. For as much negativity that you can give Linux, these new switchers will never need to worry about a Solus developer ending the project to focus on some silly way of replacing the escape key or an Elementary OS developer deleting features. There is a need for a solid, non-Gnu, commercial OS — and Windows is not it.

I agree that Apple needs to get a clue about serving a wider range of needs. That would provide incentive for commercial software to target the platform. Well Apple did foolishly do licensing in the past and almost ruined themselves. Not only is it very stable, it is very fast as well and very easy to install software on it. The one thing that really bugged me about all of the other Distros is they have there taskbars on top instead of the bottom like I am used to. Linux Mint has everything where it belongs with the taskbar on the bottom of the screen.

That in itself is what sold me to try Linux Mint once again. I do agree with you that the taskbar feels best when it is at bottom. So I guess if you find a distro that you like, put a bit of effort to customize it in the way you like. As they say: search and you shall find. In this case google your wish. But thing is in Linux Mint it already comes with the taskbar already on the bottom by default. Saul Goldfarb about the taskbar on the top, well you can change all that … in Linus Mint for example go to Control Center — Look and Feel — Appearance and simply change it to your preference.

I use ubuntu Thanks for the tip! I plan on trying all of the above. My long time favorite was Linux Mint 12, I loved it.

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But for some reasons, people are fixated on the looks of Apple's MacOS. Now, not everyone . You can even consider it Linux clone of Mac OS. North Korea's OS X clone is now available to the public from Apple and completely redesigned their Linux-based operating system to look just like OS X.

A close second was Pinguy OS But when these distros were updated they lost me. Linux Mint Trust me. As always Dragonmouth you make a very good point. Seriously MTE should hire you to write the Linux section here. You teach me a lot more then most people do. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I wish there was a way I could contact you when I need help with stuff in Linux.

If I choose to use IceWM, a simple window manager, with a custom antiX setup, maybe this week that is the best. Maybe I want to create a system from scratch that uses a graphical user interface only when I am displaying Web browser content? A Linux system might be the best for me, but for the person next to me in the office, maybe Windows 7 Enterprise Edition is the best for what their needs are in the office, but maybe at home they use an iPhone even if I personally prefer to use an Android device. What is best for you, your neighbors or the people who work for a corporation is for each of these entities to determine for themselves.

Linux is Linux, no matter what it looks like to someone. Learn it and love it. But, as with any crutch one uses, one eventually puts it aside. Unless one is permanently disabled. If I were to switch back to Windows, I certainly would not try to make it like Linux. Secondly, why would I want to?

Four cloning solutions for OS X - TechRepublic

A mac user would instinctively reach for things where they are on a Mac. I lost it with apple about 2 months after I bought a macbook.

PearOS 9.3 is now available for download

Views Read Edit View history. The Macintosh Application Environment MAE was a software package introduced by Apple in that allowed users of certain Unix -based computer workstations to run Apple Macintosh application software. How iRobot used data science, cloud, and DevOps to design its next-gen smart home robots. Might also give Korora a spin. It disappeared in a shroud of mystery.

I HAD to buy Win7 to use boot-camp. Mac user group members simply said this is how apple works. When apple refused to upgrade beyond Mint was my best friend and continues to be my go to distro. I play with other distros occasionally, but something goes wrong and I end up back at Mint. I still need osx occasionally to create usb installs.

Macintosh operating systems

I had been beating off an ox usb. I needed a new hard drive, so installed osx, to see if anything was better as much as anything else. About 5GB of updates later, I tried to add some other software, but found I need osx A minor protest to one software firm has not been answered. Will I try Elementary and Solus — yep. Ubuntu Gnome — I just might try gnome on a rainy day.

But I have found Mate works really well. Linux Mint mate was the first one to disappointed me,. I used to try out a lot of software and Linux distributions. At this point I use whatever works best for me for a specific task. The antiX project allows me to create systems that cater to my interests, small or large, and I can easily modify the system or even rebuild it.

And since almost everything is now Bit installs, then I should have no worries for the life of the machine. I just told the person they should get a new desktop and let me install Linux on it for them. So I guess another Apple-ite has crossed over! Also corporate greed. Notice that whenever Apple has eliminated a port, it always had a wireless device to replace that functionality for sale. Ever since Fruitco has deep-sixed the PowerPC, they have been building computers more and more with the non-technical inclined user, rather than then the techie.

They have been, slowly but surely, returning its computers to the design of the original Mackintosh — a complete sealed black box. I would not be surprised if one of these days, Apple did not come out with a computer without any external connections.

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Power would be supplied either wirelessly or the device would have a built-in year battery that had to be replaced by a Fruitco tech when exhausted. That would be awful! If I had the money that could afford Apple products would I buy them? As for the average user? You discover that your feeling of being exclusive in reality is just you being a type of outcast,…. This is true….

When in all actuality the ONLY thing that might notice that kinds of speed change would be another computer? And this started I guess with cars…. RS… and a new colored interior….

North Korea’s OS X clone is now available to the public

I realize that yes…a CPU will only last so long, and will only be as fast as it was designed for. I just play music while reading technical articles, such as this one and trying to teach myself how to program in Java and Python….. And yes a lot of newer device have done away with a lot, and have added USB C etc.. Apple is not for eveybody, you should respect that because everybody is different.

I alway had high end laptop like dell, hp. My best laptop ever is my macbook pro.

Changing the prompt style

I have my macbook pro since I accidently dropped it on the floor countless time. This laptop is solid. I travel all the time for work.

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I need a slim and powerful laptop. I never had a laptop survived me this long and i may keep it for years. Yes since laptop are better. Thank you apple to change the rules, otherwise, we would still have bulky laptop. The desktop is all icons. Might also give Korora a spin. Once you install non-intergrated apps that consistency falls apart.