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Mac: This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later; Fix

Removing the app didn't help either. I ended up just copying it over from my MBP. Given that the MacBook Pro is a laptop, I could eventually haul it up to one of my brothers' apartments and try accessing App Store from there. I think my youngest brother has Time Warner. It may not look that way from across the Pond, but Hawaii—where Carhole as linked to in my second post in this thread resides—is a long way from New York City.

So this is not "likely to be a local networking problem confined to the area you are in". So maybe "confined to the area you are in" is true, if you define "the area you are in" as anywhere in the U. BTW, thank you in your post for unintentionally classifying the problem I had with App Store in July as a canonical example of a "conceptual bug".

The temporarily-difficult-to-grasp for Apple concept being that someone might use the App Store for free downloads but never buy anything there. As I said, that problem cleared up after about a week, despite my not having done anything about it.

I suspect this problem, too, is an example of a complicated "conceptual bug" resulting from changes to App Store for OS X With my prodding them, Apple will fix it eventually. Free VPN services are available on the Internet. Just search for them. My advice would be to upgrade to I suspect I will get a long, multi-paragraph explanation of why this is beyond you.

Apple is most likely to fix problems with Fixing problems with Apple usually only fix security bugs in their old operating systems. DavidH wrote: BTW, thank you in your post for unintentionally classifying the problem I had with App Store in July as a canonical example of a "conceptual bug". You can set up an Apple Id account without a credit card. It took me a whole 10 seconds to Google that info. That's been available for months. One thing to keep in mind; per the last sentence of my first paragraph quoted in this post, I don't particularly care if this problem is fixed quickly.

Given that, then: 1 Per my second paragraph quoted in this post, it's not likely to be a local networking problem. I will, however, search for a free VPN—which I didn't realize existed. Are you hypothesizing parallel bit-rot on both copies, or an emerging date-related bug? Barring those remote possibilities, it's not likely to be a problem with the App Store App.

I exclude the possibility of Apple's intentionally causing this problem to force all users to update to OS X My explanation of why I do not intend to update to OS X You can call that fuddy-duddyism; I call it 25 years of experience as a Mac OS user. I see no reason to make an exception to my policy for OS X Other threads in this forum seem to indicate that many of the problems are with apps that have not yet been updated for OS X So I could upgrade, but the App Store problem is not important enough for me to make it worthwhile.

Also, in last paragraph, changed two references to OS X My conclusion is that there was a "conceptual bug" in the App Store in July that Apple fixed. I still have not given App Store a credit card. As a result, I'm not going to bother finding a free VPN in order to test whether this is a local networking bug. BTW, does anyone know how to look at other people's bug reports on Apple bug Reporter?

So unless you know what Bug is it would best to continue to research the issue. It updated fine, but the updater to GarageBand 6. Without any direct evidence it could be anything. I don't think there is a block from an operator following the comment of another user about Verizon , therefore I suspected that this was more an issue with AppStore. Before I had the same issue with iMovie last year. I had to follow some instructions from one article to get that fixed.

I'm not finding that article, or new ones to help resolving this problem with GarageBand either. Today I had a new upgrade being pushed for updating iMovie and I could successfuly have this done this time. There are no upgrades after 6. Therefore this is a bug in their AppStore. You can see there my screenshot of what I'm seeing on my computer attached there. Hopefully we will get a resolution soon Cheers, Adriana.

Since I am photographically illiterate, I have not attempted to do anything with iMovie on either machine. If you follow the link in adriviola's post just above this, you will appreciate that the unavailability of these Updates is a worldwide App Store configuration problem having to do with "obsolete" versions of Apple apps.

I strongly suspect this will be solved, not by Apple programmers, but by Apple marketing people after occult communication with the spirit of SJ. Or, put another way, Apple is doing this intentionally. Yes, because Apple is out to get you. I've been seeing the "Temporarily unavailable" message for an iPhoto update on two iMacs recently upgraded from Mavericks to the latest Yosemite. It's been happening for at least a week. I don't know about adriviola, but please remember that I have not yet given App Store my credit card.

Somewhere in Cupertino there's undoubtedly a task force periodically meeting about us "problem" Apple customers. I installed them. App Store for my Mac Pro had the same 3 new updates; I installed those there, too. As I've paranoidically paranoidially, paranoidly? Given that GarageBand 10 is a free update how does Apple benefit from this?

But this is very low priority for me as I've never used Garageband.

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That doesn't sound like a free update to me, but things may be different in Blighty. As for iPhoto 9. So when I tried the fourth, tried to go to internet recovery mode but it never works. I press the combination when I turn it on but it never works, it always goes to normal recovery mode.

Does anyone know how to fix this or is the manual USB boot up my only option? Turned out our old Macbook Pro had originally OSX Lion installed and it was not available through internet recovery on January 25th even if the clock was set up correctly and all possible tricks had been tried. Luckily I had one old external hard drive lying around that had been used as a TimeMachine backup disk on a similar Macbook Pro and it had a nice working backup image of the system.

I restored on the other troubled Macbook Pro using these backups. I had to remove some old user accounts and do some other cleanup tasks too, but in the end I managed to get it working nicely.

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Could it be Apple has removed Lion-images from the recovery servers? If so, that really is a sad decision. Lesson learned: if you use an old Macbook Pro, do a backup with Time Machine, now. Else you might end up in serious and time consuming troubles. I tried 4 and get the exclamation point in the triangle and a message stating apple. It does not ask me to join a wifi network. Same problem…still and thing going worst.. I bought a macbook mid white from a guy on facebook. I put in my apple ID but then it said that the option was temporarily unavailable so i tried the instructions in the post above but it just boots regularly into the utilities….

I bought if from a friend last Feb 7, and still the issue went unresolved. Steve Jobs For sure went to Hell for this product that is full of shit and for selling this product that we cannot use. May you all rest in peace. Nothing of the above steps worked for me. My only option and what also finally worked was to create a bootable USB with the installer on it.

You then again gets send to a recovery mode. But now you will be able to install the OS X. One solution worth adding here though it only works if you have a second computer. Make a time machine backup of a computer that you want to duplicate. Even an old time machine backup can work since this just gets the OS back on your computer. It worked 4 Thank you so much! You will need a proper Apple ID - the one that has been used with the computer this computer to install App Store software.

Jul 18, PM. Jul 22, PM in response to techyguy In response to techyguy I'm having the same problem Please try again later". Jul 22, PM. Well, the problem is that I'm running on a recovery version on my mac, which I think means that I don't have mac app store installed on the computer. My only way to connect to internet is through an option in the starting menu, "Get help online" or something like that , which lets me use safari.

How to Fix iTunes Store is Temporarily Unavailable

Since I don't have mac app store, I can't download the OS the regular way. Because of this, I need an alternative way to download Maverick's, but I don't know how I would do that. Oct 16, AM in response to andreas61 In response to andreas Oct 16, AM. Nov 12, AM in response to Roy No. Since they removed the possibility to recovery my Mac they shouldnt charge me.

I begin to understand the people telling me that PC is a better way to go since you can't get any good support on Mac. Nov 12, AM. Dec 1, AM in response to andreas61 In response to andreas I was running into this same problem because I was trying to use a different Apple ID than the one I used when I first got the computer.

How to Fix "Cannot connect to the iTunes Store" Error on Mac OS X?

Signed in with my old Apple ID and it started installing. Dec 1, AM. Aug 6, PM in response to andreas61 In response to andreas I hope you have figured it out already. I encountered the same problem. The best solution may be to take it to the mac store, but here is what I did.

For some reason my mid macbook pro didn't want to reset its install function to the factory settings, it wanted Lion i believe Snow Leopard is factory settings for that one. I kept getting the "Item is temporarily unavailable" after inputting my Apple ID. Just google search "Mac OS X [version] purchase" and it pops up.

How to fix Mac App Store download problems

Kindly help. I suggest using Ethernet if possible because it is three times faster than wireless. Its installing now. As I said, that problem cleared up after about a week, despite my not having done anything about it. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

They send you a few emails; just follow the instructions and they get you a redemption code redeemable only at the mac app store on your computer, no disc, annoying. Since I had already wiped my mac, I had no way of redeeming the code. But I just logged in to the app store with my own Apple ID on my fathers computer and entered the redeem code you have to be careful to just use the apple ID of the computer you want to install on, not my dad's, or your friend's.

Once the redemption code is entered you are good to do the reinstall of mac OS x Lion. Aug 6, PM. Mar 12, PM in response to andreas61 In response to andreas I must have tried 20 times, before I figured out that it was not the Apple servers. Likewise, I certainly didn't want his name referencing MY new laptop or pathways, directories, and so on etc, etc, etc. Which I'm sure most of you are well aware by now After hours, days of research, trying this, trying that, figuring out dead-ends, frustrated, crying, yelling I've been a dedicated Windows user since 3.

That is the web-address you will use to download the "Mavericks Installer. IF not, just stop now, the rest is assumed and expected that you have two working USB ports on your Mac. This is when your Mac will attempt to connect to the internet, make sure you have either Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected,. It will open up Safari browser, follow along this is very important.

It will open up a new browser window and then start downloading the "Mavericks Installer. The great part is that you now have a backup USB restore drive Mar 12, PM. Apr 11, AM in response to andreas61 In response to andreas Same problem - after trying again times, I started to go the route of taking the MBP into the "genius bar".

Poor experience with Apple's "genius bar" the past several years motivated me to think harder, so I did. I used the original Apple ID that I registered the computer with. Apr 11, AM. Dec 5, PM in response to isaaccast In response to isaaccast. So I just figured mine out. I wanted to erase my whole disk and start over when I came to this problem. When I did the erase, I picked the disk I knew which I named before. It was the one right under the first one. Well I figured out that if I erase the very first one that shows the size then shut down my computer, then hold command and r when I stated it back.

Once I did this I went to reinstall the osx then I didn't even need the apple login.

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I ran across this one a page where someone swore that it did not require a login. Try it! It worked for me! It will erase all your stuff on the laptop and put it back to factory, but you can use it. Jul 21, PM in response to techyguy In response to techyguy Sadly enough, I just ended up downloading Mavericks on another computer and using this page to create a bootable USB and went from there. Couldn't figure out a way to reinstall just from System Recovery. Hope you figure things out!

Jul 21, PM.

How to Fix "Cannot connect to the iTunes Store" Error on Mac OS X?

Jan 13, PM in response to andreas61 In response to andreas I know the problem now, finally App Store doesn't have "old" systems anymore, like Lion. You need to upgrade your hardware, to be able to have certain software. My MacPro started having this problem. I've been using mac since Gave my old iMac to my mum, and my Mac mini to a friend. Bought all their products, and trust me, I love them.

But it is really childish of them that you cannot get old software anymore via the App Store Jan 13, PM. Apr 20, PM in response to andreas61 In response to andreas Follow these steps - this was the only thing that worked for me. Apr 20, PM. Thank you for your quick answer!

Is there any way for me to install it directly through this computer, or do I have to install it through my external hard drive? Because when I try to get to the maverick's install page , I keep getting these error messages from safari, that I can't open pages starting with 'macappstore'. Nice plan, unfortunately I'm from Czech Republic and we don't have genius bar. Authorised service will charge me. Any other solution? Aug 5, PM. Aug 7, AM in response to dyerrhea54 In response to dyerrhea So basically what you're all saying is that if you don't have 2 mac's that this won't work?

I did the same as everyone else Hard drive wasn't booting correctly so I wiped the drive with an external boot of OS X Utilities.