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Add to Cart. Package info. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets. See all. Like most Terraria players, you're looking for a way to kill that annoying guide. If you'd rather not download an install a mod just to do it, then you should watch this helpful video.

Follow the technique shown here and rid your Terraria world of the guide. These mods will only work for people who play the game on PC including Steam.

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Go to the Fallout: New Vegas Nexus and browse their files. Download the ones you like, and then use the Mod Manager to incorporate them into your game. And it looks like I wasn't the only one. However, unlike me, gamer Nick "Nario" Hagman just couldn't let go of his Simon Belmont fascination that easy. Nario recently spent over hours in Minecra Playing it at PAX did nothing to damper that enthusiasm.

You'll need to be playing this game on a PC, since that's what Cheat Engine has been written for. If you are, then just download the program and use the following steps to hack your money in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! This has led to many hours going through thread after thread trying to find the latest and best software out there for my phone. While I do enjoy th Google's launchers are some of the most polished home screen apps out there, but they lack the ability to customize. Thankfully, thou If you're one of the millions of people who use the WhatsApp service for messaging, you've probably noticed a recent propensity that the app has had for adding buttons to its interface.

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Two such buttons have made their way into the message thread screen, cluttering up the inte If you're like me, you probably encounter the lock screen on your Android device more than any other screen. Every time you check for new notifications out of habit, or simply pull your phone out to see the time, the lock screen is front and center. For being such an importan While the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is sure to get an Android 5.

In the meantime, there are a number of ways to get some of Lollipop's features on your KitKat device right n On more than one occasion, I've wanted to check out the Google Play page for an app I was currently using, whether it was to get contact information or read recent reviews to see if others were experiencing issues that I was. To do so, I'd have to hop out of my current app, g These days, everyone's snapping selfies, taking pics of their latest meals, or sharing pet trick videos on Instagram for the whole world to see.

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It's not only fun to shoot photos and videos for Instagram, it's inspiring to look at everyone else's creativeness in your feed. YouTube makes money hand over fist every year selling ad space to companies, but unless you're reaping those benefits, they can be pretty annoying. YouTube AdAway is an Xpose Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 has many advantages; theming, free wireless hotspots, deleting system apps, and generally being ahead of the curve when it comes to updates.

It's also great for simple things like centering your clock or freezing apps. Today, I'm going to cover The status bar is where we get all of the important need-to-know information for our phones.

At a quick glance, you can see what time it is on your Samsung Galaxy S3, how much battery power you have remaining, your current signal strength, and more. But after a while, things c It just keeps getting harder to enjoy all of the benefits of root without sacrificing features.

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But the most recent news on this front is perhaps worst of all: Netflix h Depending on your device, Android's power aka restart menu can range from utilitarian and boring to almost completely useless. Some devices don't even allow you to reboot, let alone reboot to recovery mode or Fastboot, and for such a centralized menu, the glaring lack of Mat There are plenty of apps on Google Play for customizing your Samsung Galaxy S3 with wallpapers and new lock screens, but to be honest, you're not really customizing until you root.

Once you're rooted, you have unlimited mods and hacks to choose from to make your device run be Since we wouldn't have Android without Google, everyone has come to realize that the Pixel smartphones are a prime example of what an Android smartphone should be. With so many unique software related features, no wonder people want that Pixel experience.

OnePlus offers its O The stock weather widget preloaded on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is really great, but there's one thing that's missing—options. The weather widget shows just the right amount of information at a glance, and it's not too shabby looking either, but for us softModders, it'd be really When Google added new security measures to Android Marshmallow, it had a lasting impact on the entire process of rooting. These measures prevent the the Superuser daemon the process that handles requests for root access from getting the permissions it needs to do its job at Android's stock appearance is easy on the eyes, but after a while, it's outright boring to look at.

Let us know in the comments how it's running on your Mac, or if you have anything else to say. Because Macs weren't even a viable option for gaming until about when they switched to Intel processors. But back then they were of course slower and there was no market for them. So it wasn't really until a year or two ago when Steam became available for Mac and of course these days most Macs except for the low end ones have a dedicated graphics card that gaming became a much more realistic possibility for most Mac users.

Still obviously a much smaller market though, but it seems Rockstar is one of the few developers willing to create, or in this case at least port, their games to the Mac OS.

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Which is good to see really. And it's a Cider port, not a real native one. Still worth the try, though, and I hope some of them modding peeps would think about porting at least some of their tools to OS X. Or you could use Windows like every normal human being Windows 7 works on Mac if I remember it right.