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Mac Miller - Day One, A Song About Nothing Lyrics
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But, like the rest of the show, he doles out enough funny one-liners that you can still laugh through the pain. In fact, the Shame Wizard's Big Mouth jokes perfectly capture what makes him so hilarious and horrifying at the same time. Of all the characters on the show, the Shame Wizard has some of the best zingers — which makes sense given that his sole purpose is to kick others when they're down. Voiced by none other than David Thewlis a.

French Montana - Sanctuary [Mac & Cheese 3]

Remus Lupin , he spends the season guilt-tripping the rest of Big Mouth 's cast: Andrew for masturbating while fantasizing about his friend's sister, Jessi for getting high after finding her dad's pot. Coach Steve, who apparently has no capacity for shame, is the only exception. Most of the Shame Wizard's antagonizing is tied to teenage mistakes, but per usual, Big Mouth reminds us of how painfully relatable those can be.

Digging into the minds of Diggin’ Dirt

And while you may still be cringing at your own missteps decades later, hopefully the Shame Wizard can at least give you a good chuckle while shoving you down memory lane. What kind of person lies about taking a kid to a new Mac and Cheese Restaurant? The same kind who takes a hormonal teenager to shame court and forces him to rely on his own Hormone Monster for legal representation, before getting witness testimony from everyone he's ever masturbated to. Andrew's short-lived fling with Lola may have been a wonderful outing for Andrew's Hormone Monster, but it was an all-time great moment for The Shame Wizard.

After pushing Andrew to "rub fronts" with Lola, The Shame Wizard immediately got to work reminding Andrew that no matter what he does next, he'll never get to be a "good person" afte rubbing fronts with someone he wanted to dump. While The Shame Wizard begins the season by bringing shame upon Andrew for his sexual inclinations, the malevolent rabble-rouser shows that he encourages all kinds shame in his first interaction with Jessi. After her drug experimentation leads to her father getting kicked out of the house, the Shame Wizard turns to some outdated slang to guilt Jessi.

He makes a mean-a macaroni Momma Cumberisi: My Maria makes a charming saucy cheese Someday she'll meet a man-a Who comes from her own clan-a Antonio: No son of mine will ever marry a Cumberis Antonio Cucaroni: Her fault! Momma Cumberisi: Your fault! Nothin' to see here! That's how my Great grandfather and my Great grandmother I still don't know how many greats But they brought together the families Families: Brought together the families Larry: And invented Macaroni and Cheese continues singing until Momma and Antonio stop arguing Momma Cumberisi: It's cheese and macaroni!

Antonio: It's macaroni and cheese! Antonio: It's-a-Grrrrreat!

You might think chicken and broccoli and immediately imagine a white and green palate, but that's your weak-ass, grilled-poultry lifestyle speaking. If Big Daddy Kane was coming through the 'hood to show out in his new kicks, he was probably also eating 'hood Chinese food, including stir-fried chicken and broccoli drenched in oyster sauce. The setup to the punchline reveals his self-consciousness about being respected for his skills, but in this case, the ingenious pun absolutely delivers. A whip, of course, is a car, and Yeezy is saying his white Benz is miraculous.

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Ultimately, he appears to be the hip-hop version of those famished cartoon characters that hallucinate the next meal everywhere they look. Within his oddball descriptions, a vast knowledge of world cheeses comes in handy. But what's amazing is that his partner, B-Legit, bests him by aping his style and kicking it to new levels on this classic cut.

Just take another listen: He rhymes the Dutch cheese with chalupa, for goodness' sake! We defy you to find another MC who exploits food to describe stacking paper with such aplomb. Joell Ortiz feat.

French Montana - Mac Wit Da Cheese Album Lyrics | LetsSingIt

The lyric: "What you know 'bout shark meat, perch, and tilapia? This absurdist boast is already perfect on its own, but then Dro follows it up with this: "Alligator, dog meat, caviar—we mafia. You are the biggest scrub in the building. There's no denying that Bronson has ushered in a new era of food in rap, bringing a true gourmand's vocabulary and sensibility to the art of rhyming.

Still, while reference to tweezered parsley, lamb brains, and ribiola get food nerds going, going too niche has been the downfall of many lyrically gifted MCs, and Bronson's shining moments comes when he bridges the "wow, he's a foodie rapper! The Bam Bam brand of braggadocio is on full throttle here, offering a knowing nod to his appeal outside the rap game and referencing poutine poutine!

Big Daddy Kane, “Platinum Plus" (Big L's The Big Picture, 2000)

Those layers are what great hip-hop is made of. The lyrics speak to the specific culinary interests of Buff Love, Kool Rock-Ski, and Prince Markie Dee—these include whole pizzas for one and lots of beef franks, but definitely no damn lettuce.

The conflation of violence with pasta is a brilliant device, adding layers of poetic nuance to the pretty basic idea of blowing someone's brains out at an Italian restaurant. As Fab explains on Rap Genius , the line hinges on the slang term noodle, meaning brain.

Album details

Using different guns he can put different types of holes in your head, almost like the various settings on a pasta-maker. In this context, "Italian [food]" becomes short hand for mafioso-inspired conflict settlement. If you step to Fab, it's not long before your head will be face down in a bowl of marinara—or is it your own blood!?

A purist probably wouldn't call these dishes separate "courses," but in a rap landscape littered with throwaway references to mobster eats, this one stuck in the popular consciousness.