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Ensure your personal information is securely protected on public Wi-Fi. To prevent suspicious apps from accessing your data, use TripMode.

The app allows to activate blocking right from your menu bar. Using your own network is certainly more secure than accessing public ones. Private or public, there are a few tips that will help you stay safe:. Solidify encryption. There are several options for Wi-Fi protection, out of which WPA2 is considered one of the most secure. Use a VPN client.

How to Fix MacBook Pro WiFi Issues?

A reliable VPN app like Shimo will help you handle and place restrictions on the network you use. Plus, it has a module for setting multiple connections. One of the other problems that could be causing connectivity issues is bloat, junk, and clutter.

Check your network settings

Over time, Macs can get full of things they really don't need to store, such as cache files, email downloads, browser extensions and viruses. All of these slow down and overheat Macs, which could impact your connectivity as well. This app is an effective solution and much-needed antidote to slow Mac performance. You can use it to dig up junk cluttering up Macs, delete unused apps completely, tidy up email folders and attachments, and remove plugins you don't need.

CleanMyMac X will clear caches, browser extensions, and declutter disks and hard drives so that your Mac is operating at peak performance again. It also includes health monitors, so you can avoid similar issues in the future. MY MacBook is now working just as it always did.

Mine is quite calm now. Please let me know.

Wi-Fi problems on macOS High Sierra/Mojave

This is OS X's way of offering to help debug your connection problem, and I suggest accepting that help. (If you don't see a button, you can. The concepts are the same for Mac OS X v Snow Leopard, except AirPort such as Mail, iChat, or the App Store cannot connect to their servers. If your network is not configured to block services, but some Internet.

Thanks and greetings. That disabling "Archived Files" helped is perhaps useful for Norton as they seek and develop a solution. I've tried about every combination of settings and the results are random, completely erratic. If a LiveUpdate is pending, the computer and apps will be prevented from going online. It still seems very random, intermittent, and chaotic. I have yet to identify precise conditions that cause the apps to not go online.

You are right. It is indeed only a temporary solution but so far it's working. The ball is still in Norton's court. The Mac version of Norton is a very bad piece of software and should be rewritten from the ground up. It's an endless story for years now. I only hope things don't break again in the next couple of weeks when Also, I wonder if Norton is going to extend subscriptions since their product has been unusable for almost a month!! Let's see how this goes for a few days.

Maybe I'll try Application Blocking in a couple days. I am terrified to turn on Application Blocking, that's what was causing all sorts of issues for me. If you are experiencing an issue that needs urgent assistance please visit our customer support area:. Skip to main content. Not what you are looking for? Ask the experts!

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This forum thread needs a solution. Acadia Contributor 4. Reg: Apr Kudos 0. When will this be resolved? Me Too 5 Stats. Replies 1 2. Reg: May Kudos 1 Stats. Redhead4Ever Newbie 1. Kudos 2 Stats. I spent the better part of the day on the phone with tech support and was unable to resolve this problem- they said norton is working on a solution-- to uninstall until it has been resolved she estimated hrs.

I have spent hours with tech support, collecting log files to help them figure this out. We shall see. Soon, I hope. SoulAsylum Guru Norton Fighter Reg: Mar Reg: Jan Hi everyone, Thanks for reporting this issue. And make sure you also consider the Norton browser web extension. Reg: Aug Hi, Running Mac OS Radar Contributor 4. For me, turning off connection blocking fixed my machine's connection issue. ToddCampbell Visitor 2. Geoff B Contributor 4.

Reg: Nov Turning off "Scan files in Compressed Archives" resolves the issue for me. File Attachment:. Screen Shot at Geoff B. No, possibly not! Its obviously not a solution, I only offered it as a possible workaround until Norton fixes the problem - and I'm on their case like everyone else. Jeffrey F Knakal Contributor 4. Norton people, post questions here, perhaps ask people to do tests.

Hi everyone, Thank you for your patience.

Re: Mac OS 10.12.4 Can't Connect Many Apps to Internet

Hi, So I enabled everthing back on except the idle scan, rebooted my Mac and so far no connectivity issues. This test did not prove to be helpful. Disabling "Idle Scan" and rebooting did not help. There was still halting behavior, and some apps still took a long time to go online. CurtisJ2 Newbie 1.

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It worked for 15 minutes before the problem returned :. Does the Norton Safari Extension do anything beneficial? I turned off auto scans and idle scans and the problems went away. It will amplify the signal from your router so that it can reach the areas of your house that usually suffer from poor coverage.

How to Fix WiFi & Network Problems macOS

An alternative is a Wifi Explorer as we already mentioned above. However, you can also fix that manually. Bandwidth refers to the volume of data that can be transmitted over your WiFi connection. Certain apps can require larger bandwidth and thus restrict the data available to everyone else. If this occurs in your home, the first step is to check your own applications. The most common offenders are multiplayer video games, video-intensive apps, or files that are uploading and downloading.

WiFi issues on Mac are among the most frustrating issues that can occur on your computer. We hope the methods listed above help you resolve any issues you face. Do you use a different method to troubleshoot your wireless network? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Why is it that my iPad and iPhone can connect to wifi units two blocks away when my macbook rolls on and times out connecting to routers in the same room as me? I made a discovery on my internet connectivity problems. I have a new Spacegray Macbook Pro — I thought my bad internet connectivity was a problem with our office router or where I was sitting, but I was puzzled that I saw full bar strength. If I unplugged and moved away from my desk, no problems, router signal seemed super strong… I narrowed my problem down to whenever I was connected to my Thunderbolt monitor.

I am still not sure if the problem is the monitor or the Apple adapter. My iPhone is stably connected to UnitedWifi. Four weeks ago, I experienced the same at York University, Canada. Their IT department suggested that some security software probably stood in the way. Following their advice I disabled McAfee, but the problem persisted. If security-related software is the cause of the problem, what else should I do? Do I have to install something like Malwatebytes?

Is it still possible to diagnose the problem of not seeing the network that must be there as I know from my iPhone?

This does not address why my pc laptop is running fast, streaming video and audio, etc.